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Welcome to PFS Assist

PFS Assist provides Bridging Finance for individuals and entities who are anticipating a reasonably expected cash inflow. Our Bridging Finance solutions assist our clients to have early access to funds that will only be due to them in the near future.

PFS Assist has been in business since 2002 and serves a wide spread, national client base. PFS Assist is a Registered Credit Provider in terms of the National Credit Act. Our National Credit Regulator registration number is NCRCP 1181.

PFS Assist offers a variety of tailor-made financial services & products to address your specific needs.

  • Seller equity advances – see more
  • Bond & Bond switching advances – see more
  • Estate Agent / Bond Originator commission advances – see more
  • Transfer duty & Rates advances (Liquidators can use this option) – see more
  • Business Broker commission advances – see more
  • Stock increase advances – see more
  • Employee salary advances – see more
  • Co – Venture Capital – see more